About Me

Welcome to Our Natural Birth!

I am Corenia, currently working towards certification through DONA International and I am honored that you are here, and that you're interested in learning more about what called me to do what I do(ula). I realized just how deeply I felt called to witness and hold sacred space for birthing people along one of life's most empowering journeys within the last few years.  

Growing up I was the youngest child in a family of 5 sisters, and I fell in love with parenthood and birth as my sisters began having children. In 2013, my oldest sister announced their second pregnancy which was to be their first girl! At the arrival of my niece Olivia, my love and excitement for birth flourished even more.  It sparked when I could be apart of the support, care and nurturing team for my sister and their baby.  

It moved me to hear what it meant to my sister that I could attend the birth of Olivia and how impactful my presence was for them. It wasn't until my Aunt informed me about their time as a doula and the joy they got from serving birthing people during their pregnancies, that I realized the role I had played.  Experiencing pregnancy and parenthood with my oldest sister, and witnessing the miracle of life, gave me a deeper appreciation, and understanding of the experiences of abortion, pregnancy, labor, and birth.  

My Philosophy

 My goal is to learn, support and grow everyday in ways to better appreciate reproductive justice and women’s health by being a seamless part of the process during your abortion, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Whatever “natural” looks like to you is ok. It means something different for every person. I support people in their desire to have the experiences THEY feel strongly about. I consider my role to be a nurturing guide and a source of information on all your options. Choosing someone to be a support person is important. Your doula should be someone you connect with and feel safe with. I would love to be this person for you! I look forward to an interview to see if I can be a fit for you, your needs.     

Corenia is a doula trained to support:


Corenia is a doula not trained but willing to support:


Do I Take Insurance?

No, I work with clients on Medical Assistance through a nonprofit called Everyday Miracles to bill your insurance for doula services.  

Whats an Ally?

My definition of an ally is someone who works from their positions of power to educate themselves about a marginalized group. As an ally, I am continually seeking professional development on issues of pregnancy, birth, abortion, gender, sexuality, ability, race, ethnicity, culture, age, religion, body type and size, and trauma.