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I like the service I get from my Doula Corenia Smith this is new to me & I am having my forth & last child at age 38 I am nervous cause I am a high risk pregnancy having a Doula present that can guide & walk me through my 9 months of pregnancy I can call & ask questions about my body changes & things going with baby my Doula Corenia is the best she gives comfort good advice & resource information that is very helpful I would definitely recommend having a Doula during pregnancy specially if it's your first baby my experience with my Doula Corenia is a wonderful reassuring experience that mommy & baby delivery will be fine & a very awesome experience. Thank you 


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Hi everyone, I don't know how or where to start with how great my doula was during my pregnancy and labor I don't think I have a word to describe Corenia Smith. She was truly amazing during my labor stages up till today I can't thank her enough for just being their for my daughters birth. It was a big blessing to have her with us at that time. 


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Corenia was my doula for my second son. For my first son, I did not have a doula and had a very complicated birth. I was so scared when I became pregnant with my second, so I reached out and was put in contact with Corenia and I can honestly say that I don't think I would be alive if it wasn't for Corenia. Everything she advised was spot on comparable to a doctor if not better. Her timing and insight was top notch and I didn't even need an epidural which was the best part. Corenia was able to put me in such a transcendent state, that the pain seemed to go from unbearable to bearable. I was no longer screaming but in a quiet sort of hypnotic state by her words. It was the ultimate experience and I highly recommend her to any woman wanting to have a birthing experience so impactful and beautiful, you could write a book about it, which is what I just did